Community Protestant Church
 "A Church of Love and Understanding"

Rev. Dr. Calvin E. Owens, Pastor 
1659 East Gun Hill Road
  Bronx, New York, 10469
(718) 862-9172​

About Us
Our Pastor


Sunday School Ministry -  to provide a quality Christian education experience to all who seek a better understanding of God's Word.

Dorcas Ministry - to share the art of knitting and crocheting with the women and girls of our Church and community.  Also the ministry participates in international and local outreach projects.

Hospitality Ministry -  to carry out the motto of the church - "A Church of Love and Understanding" serving as official greeters during service for members and visitors in order to promote courtesies, warmth and love within the Church Family.

Nehemiah Men's Ministry -  to build Christian Brotherhood; to empower those that join us, through worship, fellowship, and outreach to the community; mentoring the young male, befriending the mature male and to leave a legacy for future members to build upon.

Missionary Ministry -  to care and share with the less fortunate; to provide spiritual and moral support to the church community; foreign missions and minister to the sick and the bereaved.

Music Ministy
                  Men's Choir, New Generation Youth Choir, Sound of Praise, Voices of CPC and the Praise Team
 to allow individuals the opportunity to utilize their musical talents and abilities through songs and praise; bringing a message of faith, hope, love and joy to our congregation and community.   

Nurses Ministry - to serve the Pastor, provide health information and promote good health practices to our congregation.

Shepherd's Ministry -  to assist the Pastor financially and spiritually in his ministry.

Sepia Players -  to spread the Gospel through dramatic presentations including plays, and readings.

Ushers Ministry-  to represent Christ in body, mind and spirit as servants (official door-keepers) and to service with humility; to be alert, punctual, obedient and always aware of our personal appearance.

​Angels in Chris Liturgical Ministry - Ministering through dance 


The objective of each of our organizations is to raise funds to assist the church in its efforts to meet its financial obligations

                                                   Women's Guild         New York Committee    
                                                                    North Carolina Team                      

Community Protestant Church Ministries and Organizations