Community Protestant Church
 "A Church of Love and Understanding"

Rev. Dr. Calvin E. Owens, Pastor 
1659 East Gun Hill Road
  Bronx, New York, 10469
(718) 862-9172​

About Us
Our Pastor

Our Purpose
We strive to apply the Scriptures to develop a community of spiritually empowered believers who use their God-given gifts, talents and resources to serve those in need.

Our Vision
To become a body of Christian believers who reflect and spread God's law and love, reaching out and providing services in the community and throughout the world.

Our Mission
To teach, preach and study the gospel of Christ in order to advance our membership in faith,hope and charity.  We strive with our very being to promote the advancement and glory of Christ's Kingdom by missionary, evangelistic and benevolent work in our community and our world as a whole. 

Our History
Community Protestant Church - "A Church of Love and Understanding" - was founded in the spring of 1969, when two dedicated Christian women enlisted the help of fellow cooperators in organizing a Protestant place of worship in the newly established community of Co-op City in the Bronx, New York.

During its early years, the fledging church moved to several locations within Co-op City, finally renting space in the Bartow Center, where it remained until the spring of 2001 when it moved to its permanent home on Gun Hill Road in the Bronx.

The church has been served by three pastors.  Our current pastor, the Reverend Dr. Calvin E. Owens, has faithfully served since 1976 and is the chief architect of the permanent home of Community Protestant Church as well as many of its innovative programs.

Community Protestant Church has made great strides as a body of Christian believers.  The membership continues to grow and work together with the Pastor, ministerial associates, offical boards, ministries and clubs to extend the worship and fellowship experience in practical ways, to support our faith, our church and its mission.

Today, we continue to build on the past, celebrate the present and look toward the future with Christ as our Guide. 

About Community Protestant Church